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Nano treatments

Treatment Descriptions

Smooth Gloss style
Nano Contourless
blended lipliner and
full lip color with Nano Technology


Our permanent make up is done differently to all other techniques offered. We apply medically approved, EU and FDA registered pigments with a painless, short microneedling needling technique in the papillary layer of the skin. Our results last 5-7 years after one application. The lip tissue and skin heals in a healthier condition due to our microneedling technique. (All other techniques cause scarring and damage to the skin). A color refresher is recommended after 3-5 years to keep maintain perfect vibrancy. We have 150 lip colors to select from. Colors can be changed at any time if a lighter or darker shade is desired. Removals are also possible  on our medical pigments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

It is ideal for people who desire extra fullness, perfect shape and one/two/three shades darker lip color. Also ideal to correct symmetry for cleft palate or post operative scarring. This new Technique is also safe on skin type 4,5,6 (Dark to Ethnic lips). Ombre effects can also be created for the illusion of more volume on inner lip area. It has an extremely natural effect even when selecting our bright vibrant colors.

Whatever color you choose, the end result will be 50 percent lighter and blend in with your own natural lip color. Red heals like new born baby lips. Cherry and Pinks heal like youthful”bitten” lips. Nude lip tints only add a light and natural lipgloss effect. Color Selections are endless and we will help u choose the right look for you. Another benefit from lip applications is due to the Gentle application: collagen production occurs inside the lip tissue and after 6 weeks, lips will appear more plump and youthful than before.

Unlike all other techniques, our lips are done PAINLESSLY due to our superficial depth and application with Nano needles. The new Gloss style lips with Nano technology is so gentle that the lips heal within 2-3 days with hardly any discomfort and almost no swelling. This is done with a gentle pendulum swinging motion and NO pressure to ensure no trauma to the lip tissue, and therefore no swelling. The advanced machines and nano needles pixelate the pigment into the lip without any trauma and no pain.

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